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Against Phishing Ransomware Vishing Smishing Cyber Scam With ThreatCop

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With ThreatCop, you can...

Assess organization's security posture

Check the real-time cyber security risk posture of the organization

Simulate top 6 cyber attacks

Launch customizable dummy cyber attack campaigns on employees

Aware employees on cyber security

Train employees with 2000+ cyber security awareness modules

Assess employees

Analyze employees' vulnerability level with interactive assessment

Monitor and Analyze Results

Employees' activity report to analyze the progress after training and assessment

Comprehensive Cyber Security Awareness Tool

Get a complete suite of security awareness program in one tool

Cyber Attack Simulation

Top 6 dummy cyber attacks including phishing, smishing, vishing, cyber scam, risk of removable media and ransomware

Security Awareness Training

Educate and train employees with awareness videos, gamified quiz, posters, newsletters and much more

Risk Assessment

Analyze employees' level of awareness post knowledge imparting with interactive assessment sessions

Security Awareness, now simplified

Create Attack Templates

Customized cyber attack templates based on your choice of attack vector to launch a simulated cyber attack campaign on the selected group of employees and department in the organization.

Simulate an Attack

Launch a dummy cyber attack campaign on the selected group of employees in the organization for the real-time experience and check how they would respond to a cyber attack.

Aware Employees with LMS

Get integrated Learning Management System which includes a wide range of cyber security awareness content to train and help employees in improving their cyber defense capabilities.

Assess employees on security

Test to your employees with engaging assessment modules to check their level of cyber security awareness understanding once they have passed the training session based on their vulnerability score.

Track Performance and Analyze Results

Receive full insight into every individual's performance during attack simulation, knowledge imparting and assessment to analyze the result of the progress made throughout the process.

Attack Vectors

ThreatCop simulates 5 biggest cyber security threats


The fraudulent practice of sending emails as a trusted entity


Malicious software that blocks access to a system until ransom is paid

Cyber Scam

Type of fraud scheme using cyber space to present fraud solicitations


Fraud phone calls to dupe individuals to reveal their personal information


Sending fraud SMS to acquire sensitive information via social engineering

Why Choose ThreatCop?

Successfully helped organizations in developing a security-focused work culture


Enterprise customers worldwide


Employees engaged in security awareness


SMEs customers worldwide


Number of simulations

A complete solution for all cyber security needs of your

Discover all the features that will assess the real-time threat posture of an organisation and reduce the Cyber Risk.

Unlimited Security Attack Simulation Cycles

Unlimited number of attack campaigns can be run for building cyber awareness among employees.

LMS (Automated Training Campaigns)

LMS helps in creating awareness about different cyber attacks amongst employees.

Periodic Assessment

Employees are assessed with the help of a questionnaire that is based on the simulated cyber attack and awareness module.

Email-based Phishing Simulation Attacks

Simulated phishing attacks are deployed via email to analyze the level of awareness amongst employees.

Real-Time Dashboard

Real-time tracking of results and progress of assessments and training with extensive and exportable user analytics and metrics.

Overall Health Attack Vector

The overall health of an organization is tracked based on results of pre-ThreatCop deployment and post phishing campaign results.

Create/Import/Customize Email Templates

You can customize or even import email templates of your choice. This will help you to deploy a more realistic phishing attack.

Schedule Campaign

You can schedule the attack campaign for any date and time as per your convenience.

Hack Record of Employees

With this feature, you can extract the hack history of your employees to get an in-depth analysis of your employee’s vulnerability level.

Geolocation Tag

Geolocation of employees is tagged at the time of action towards the simulated phishing campaign.

Dummy Replication of Latest Attacks

The tool replicates the most popular phishing attacks for getting the most accurate risk posture of your organization.

Automated Security Awareness Program

The simulated attack is automatically followed by employee awareness training through LMS.

Employee Behavioral Profile

Employee’s response towards emails and knowledge imparting sessions are tracked and reviewed in order to observe their overall progress in the campaign.

Industry Comparison

Recent statistics of threat level of your industry and others can be observed through our real-time dashboard.

How ThreatCop Works?

Make your employees proactive in making smart security choice

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