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What is Cyber Security Awareness Training?

Cyber security awareness has evolved over the past few years. Initially, it was provided mostly focusing on IT security specialists, however, today every employee needs to be well trained. Leaving any door open is an invitation for cyber criminals to steal your valuable data including the company’s future plans. Therefore, an organization must make sure that every employee, also “known as the first line of defense in the cyber security chain” is strong enough to not let any cyber attacks pass through them to harm the organization.

However, in order to make sure the employees are well educated in terms of cyber security, cyber security awareness training is mandatory. Cyber security awareness training provides the knowledge an employee requires to spot and avoid cyber threats. Moreover, it helps them in grooming or changing their cyber security behavior. Basically, they learn how to behave exactly that will bring no harm to them or the company because of cyber attacks. So, cyber security awareness training is to fix the flaws in cyber awareness levels.

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Types of Cyber Security Awareness Training

Phishing Awareness Training

Phishing Awareness Training

Phishing awareness training is to educate your employees about phishing techniques and tactics. Through the training, the employees get to learn how cyber criminals deliver phishing emails that come along with malicious links and attachments.

Avoiding phishing emails can be very difficult as an employee receives almost a hundred emails a month. However, with the help of phishing awareness training an employee can reduce the risks. Moreover, it assists them in securing the company’s valuable information that cyber criminals are trying to steal through a phishing attack.

Vishing Awareness Training

Vishing awareness training is to upskill the vishing awareness level of an employee. With the increasing number of vishing attacks all over the world, vishing awareness training is the need of the hour.

Through the training, an employee can learn how vishers approach them through a phone call to steal sensitive data. The training assists them in identifying the difference between a phone call scam and a legitimate phone call. It will also help and educate the employees on how to respond to a vishing attack in case they fall for a vishing trap.

Smishing Awareness Training

Smishing Awareness Training

The goal of smishing awareness training is to increase the awareness of smishing attacks that are evolving worldwide. Vishing attacks have been constantly progressing from SMS to WhatsApp text to social media DMs.

The training will help the employees understand the various ways of how smishing attacks approach their victims. It educates employees to know the tactics used by criminals to lure the victim on clicking the malicious links that are delivered through messages. The training also ensures that your employees and the organization are not exposed to smishing attacks.

Ransomware Awareness Training

There is no industry that ransomware attack has not targeted. Hundreds of companies suffer ransomware attacks almost every month. This is mostly because of the lack of awareness. However, if the employees are provided with proper ransomware awareness training regularly then one can reduce the risks by a great amount.

Ransomware awareness training helps employees to unlock the tactics and techniques cyber criminals use to lock the files and systems. It trains them well to be able to spot ransomware attacks easily and make smart security decisions when facing such attacks.

Risk of Removable Media

Cyber criminals can use different sources to launch cyber attacks. One such source is removable media. Threat actors use removable media to deliver various malware and viruses that steal data and destroy the system as well that they are inserted into.

Conducting cyber awareness training for such attacks makes employees aware of the fact that they shouldn’t be using such removable media without making sure it is safe. Moreover, the training educates them on different security measures for these cyber threats such as storing removable media in a safe place, securing it with a password, etc.

What is the Purpose of Security Awareness Training?

The main purpose of security awareness training is to avoid cyber attacks that are happening around the world. Today no organization is safe against such attacks. Cyber criminals can bring harm to any organization, they wouldn’t care if it’s a small or big organization.

Benefits of security awareness training

Through security awareness training, an organization can improve the ability to prevent cyber attacks and keep the systems and files protected. Not realizing the fact that lack of awareness on cyber security can be a big blunder for an organization!

How Cyber Security Awareness Training Works?

How Cyber Security Awareness Training Works?

Source: Safety Detectives

Cyber Security Awareness Training Statistics

Vulnerability score before and after knowledge imparting sessions:

Security Awareness Training Statistics

Before knowledge imparting, vulnerability score is calculated based on the results of the simulation campaign while after knowledge imparting, it is calculated based on the results of employee assessments.

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FAQs: Cyber Security Awareness Training For Employees

Information security awareness training is a process of educating the employees on how to identify and avoid existing and emerging cyber threats. The training is based on specific threat vectors such as phishing, vishing, smishing, ransomware, etc. The motive is to make sure that the employees are not exposed to cyber threats.

Today there is no business that doesn’t store data. As it says it is modern oil! Companies need to protect this information as it contains different sensitive information such as employees’ details, consumers’ data, and partnership plans, etc. Therefore an organization needs to make sure that every employee in the organization is well trained so that they don’t lose this data to cyber criminals. Losing it will not only hamper the business operation but it will also lose the brand reputation and consumers’ trust.

Some of the benefits of providing cyber security awareness training are:

  • Prevent cyber attacks
  • Maintain customers’ trust
  • Avoid losing money or data
  • Employees are well educated on the latest cyber threats
  • Reduce the risk of becoming a cyber attack victim

The best way to conduct cyber security awareness training is to make sure every employee is taking part in the training, disregarding their profile or experience. Moreover, an organization needs to make sure that the awareness training is interactive and engaging for the employees. Last but not least, an organization should provide training on a regular basis.