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ThreatCop Smishing Awareness Training and Simulation

Every day, businesses around the world are targeted by sophisticated cyber attacks such as smishing. Don’t be the next target or put your valuable sensitive information at risk. Boost your organization’s smishing awareness level with ThreatCop. The tool is designed to educate your employees about smishing attacks, on how to identify and stop them.

ThreatCop simulates smishing attacks to make your employees experience what real smishing attacks would feel like. Run a smishing test at least once a month or quarter, the more frequent the more your employees gain experience on avoiding the threat vector. Smishing attacks are becoming more popular and sophisticated to ignore any longer.

With ThreatCop you can customize smishing templates to run dummy smishing attacks on your employees, followed by awareness modules and gamified assessment. The goal of the awareness training and simulation is to make your employees experts in spotting and avoiding smishing attacks. The tool also helps the security management team measure the pre and post-smishing awareness levels. Moreover, it provides you with a comprehensive report of each employee

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How Our Smishing Awareness Training Works?

Customize Phishing Attack Icon

Customize a smishing attack simulation template based on your requirements

Vulnerability Score Icon

Analyze the vulnerability score of each employee or group after the simulated attack

Evaluation Icon

Evaluate the progress of learning among your employees through gamified assessment

Launch Cyber Attack Simulation Icon

Launch a smishing attack simulation campaign on the selected group of employees

Knowledge Imparting Icon

Impart knowledge to employees through videos, articles, advisories, and infographics

Simulation Report Icon

Get a detailed report from the simulation run on each department of the organization

Why Smishing Awareness Training?

The main motive behind the training is to increase your employees’ awareness against smishing threats. An attack that most industries overlook, but which is becoming a real explosion. Providing smishing awareness training to your employees will help in reducing the risk of facing dire consequences because of a smishing attack.

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The training will help them gain knowledge on the latest smishing attacks tricks and techniques. It will also allow your employees to spot smishing attacks easily and ensure your sensitive data are not exposed to cyber criminals.

smishing attacks

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Smishing Examples

Smishing Examples

Source: Security Boulevard

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FAQs: Smishing Awareness Training

A smishing attack is a type of social engineering attack and it is also known as SMS phishing. However, unlike email phishing that use emails to deliver malicious links to the users, in smishing, cyber attacks are carried out through SMS/text message. Often the motive of delivering the malicious links through the text message is to steal personal information or to install malware into the victim’s system.

In most cases, cyber criminals send a text message to the victim urging them to respond or click on the malicious link embedded with the message. Clicking the link might lead to downloading harmful code or revealing sensitive information. In order to successfully run this campaign cyber criminals often impersonate a legitimate brand or trusted individual. Smishing has been existing since the 1990s, however, most people are not aware of the attack vector, which makes the attack more potential cyber threat.

If your employees click on the malicious link then it can install malware on their phone. Then it can compromise their personal information that can further lead to compromising their computers and systems. Cyber criminals can use smishing attacks to deliver malware such as computer viruses, spyware, worms, and trojan horses.

The best way to avoid smishing attacks is to provide smishing awareness training and simulation to your employees. Apart from the training, employees should also look out for any error in the message before trusting the sender. Most of the time these messages contain grammatical errors or offers that are too good to be true.

Awareness training and simulation are mandatory if an organization wants to avoid falling for a smishing attack. Lack of training can cause a major issue. Experts believe the chances of falling for the attack is very low for a trained person comparing to the ones that are untrained. So, providing regular training will keep the employees up-to-date with the latest smishing techniques moreover make them confident in making smart cyber security decisions.