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ThreatCop Vishing Awareness Training and Simulation

There is a global rise in vishing attacks over the past few years. Vishing or phone call scam is a type of social engineering attack that is similar to email phishing. The motive of the attack is to steal personal information and financial details. Often threat actors lure victims into clicking or downloading malicious links or attachments they send over either email or text message during the phone call.

Clicking such malicious links or downloading attachments lead to severe consequences, such as ransomware attacks, identity theft, data theft, etc. This is why every employee in an organization should be aware of vishing attacks and must know how to avoid them. ThreatCop Vishing Awareness Training and Simulation Tool is designed to train your employees about vishing attacks, on how to spot and avoid them.

ThreatCop Vishing Simulation Tool works on both domestic and international phone numbers. So, you don’t need to worry if your employees are not under the same roof. Moreover, you can customize the audio that exists in the library based on your requirements. This will help you customize your campaign based on the interest of your employees.

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For instance, those who are interested in making more sales may likely fall for a vishing call that tells them to click the link to check the sales qualified leads. So wait no more, specify the time to run the campaign that is to make the calls go out and start making them aware of vishing attacks so that your employees stay ahead of the “well vishers”.

How Our Vishing Awareness Training Works?

Customize Phishing Attack Icon

Select a pre-recorded script based on your requirements

Vulnerability Score Icon

Analyze the vulnerability score of each employee or group after the simulated attack

Evaluation Icon

Evaluate the progress of learning among your employees through gamified assessment

Launch Cyber Attack Simulation Icon

Launch a vishing attack simulation campaign on the selected group of employees

Knowledge Imparting Icon

Impart knowledge to employees through videos, articles, advisories, and infographics

Simulation Report Icon

Get a detailed report from the simulation run on each department of the organization

Why Vishing Awareness Training?

The aim of Vishing Awareness Training is to increase your employees’ knowledge on how to defend against vishing threats. An attack that some organizations believe has faded when in reality it is increasing with each passing year.

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The aim of Vishing Awareness Training is to increase your employees’ knowledge on how to defend against vishing threats. An attack that some organizations believe has faded when in reality it is increasing with each passing year.

Phone Call Scam AKA Vishing Attacks Making Headlines

Vishing news

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Vishing news

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Vishing news

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Vishing Attack Example

How Vishers Scam Victims

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FAQs: Vishing Awareness Training

Vishing is short for “Voice Phishing”. Typically in this attack, cyber criminals give a telephone call to the victim and entice them to pass out personal information. It can be anything, from credit card details to employee ID and password.

A phishing phone call or vishing attack is a telephone call that cyber criminals use to extract information from the victim. It is also known as a phone call scam. Similar to an email phishing attack, in this attack, threat actors use a phone call as a source to steal data.

  • Look out for those calls that claim to be from a reputed or trustable organization and ask you to pass sensitive information. Do keep in mind that such agencies never ask for money or personal information. Moreover, they don’t offer money either.
  • Don’t trust any caller ID as fake calls are now quite common.
  • Never trust anyone who creates urgency and convince you to pass the information right away. Always cross-check the information the caller is providing by visiting the official website the caller claims to work with.
  • Make sure your employees are well trained to fight against vishing attacks. Providing them Vishing Awareness Training will assist them to stay updated on emerging and existing vishing techniques and cyber threats.